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In light of Val's birthday, I thought I would share a little something with you all. I own a book called The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschnedier and Joost Elffers. The book contains "profiles" for each date of the year with a little insight into the personality types of people born on particular days. I think what they did was interview a whole bunch of people and then collate the data into a personality profile for each day of the year (if that makes any sense). Either way, I've read mine and it is spookily accurate!

So, yeah. I thought I would share the profile for December 31st in honour of Val's birthday. However, I'm not going to type the whole thing out because that would take me forever. I thought I might share some of the highlights. :) Just be aware that this is all in fun. There's no way to know if this information is accurate or not, so please don't take it too seriously. :)

Without further ado~

December Thirty-First
The Day of Aesthetic Promotion.

Sign: 8-11º Capricorn (Stage I)
Element: Cardinal Earth

  • Those born on December 31st often work to promote beauty or harmony in one form or another.
  • Many December 31 people display what amounts to a worship of literature, art and music.
  • December 31 people have an unerring sense of the needs of their society and perhaps a good idea of how to satisfy them.
  • December 31 people are usually well-groomed, well-dressed and put their best foot forward in social or business situations.
  • They understand that first impressions count and that one doesn’t always get a second chance.
  • Harmony, stability and beauty are the principal ideals which December 31 people strive for in their personal and family lives.
  • They know very well what they can and what they cannot do. Because they rarely take on a job they are incapable of finishing, they often succeed in their endeavours.
  • Usually big displays of emotion work against December 31 people, and most born on this day are aware of this.

    Strengths: Appreciative, Tasteful, Idealistic.
    Weaknesses: All-Knowing, Opinionated, Fixed.

    The signs of December 31st are the praying mantis and the lyre.

    The following is not listed in the book, it's just something I looked into online because I was curious as to what, exactly, the praying mantis and the lyre symbolize.

    Praying Mantis: The Praying Mantis is the oldest symbol of God and symbolizes stillness, awareness, creativity, patience, mindfulness, calm, balance, and intuition.
    Lyre: is a musical stringed instrument well known for its role in classical antiquity as a symbol of wisdom and moderation, a gift attributed to Apollo, and an instrument to accompany public recitation or song.

    And there you have it! :)
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