Jan. 3rd, 2012

Val Kilmer

Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:10 pm
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{60} Val Kilmer
   ˾ {14} Top Secret
   ˾ {14} Real Genius
   ˾ {02} The Salton Sea
   ˾ {12} Tombstone/Doc Holliday
   ˾ {05} Numb3rs
   ˾ {13} Misc

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This interview is available on the Charlie Rose website, however for those who could not view the video there I have split the interview in two and begun uploading it to YouTube. This is part one in which Val discusses working on the set of The Ghost and the Darkness, how much he loves Africa, meeting Nelson Mandela, and briefly about working with Marlon Brando on The Island of Dr Moreau.
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