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A look at Val Kilmer's career, and a little bit of an insight into the way that he works and who he is as a person. :) Very interesting read! I apologize for some of the pages being cut off. I will transcribe them under the cut.

Transcription of last column: at all good at my job."
It is also a perfect formula for misunderstanding: Kilmer has only one way of working; having other people understand his method is not a great concern. Placing that combination on a movie set teeming with people who also want, sometimes need, to have their way - from grips to the directors - invites confusion and frustration. It seems unwise to approach him with any expectations. Sometimes everyone is heading in the same direction and there's no problem and the compliments flow. Sometimes that's far from the case. However it plays out, Kilmer's approach breeds consequences.

And there have been many, and they have in common only Val Kilmer as their source - through good roles and bad roles, successful movies and unsuccessful movies, people enamored by what they perceive as drowsy charm and people shocked by what they perceive as unjust pride, people who....

Transcription of last column: ... second of whom was born with Cherokee blood on New Year's Eve, in 1959 and named Val, which is not short for anything.

And when Gene shared details from his life - his dreams - he gave Val the first of what would become many characters to study. "It really was a wild life that he grew up in," Val says, sitting on the deck of his Los Angeles hotel. "There were no fences. There were Indians, Hispanic, communities as well, and wild animals. He grew up in a log cabin. Ocassionally his dad would kill for meat for their survival. I grew up thinking there was still wild life here, real primal nature...

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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