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Anybody's got Val's Spartan Commentary?

Hello, everybody! Newbie greetings! :)

I want to first thank you for the wonderful collection of posts about Val here. It's a real treat for me. I discovered Val after watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and started to feel curious about him, and have grown very fond of him as an artist. I wish I had noticed him much earlier. Nevertheless, it's never too late to start.

Val's Spartan commentary is said to be really amazing - a must to truly understand and enjoy this movie. Does anybody have one or know where we can find one? I'd deeply appreciate if you would share it with me.
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[Hi-Res] 54th Annual Grammy Awards (2012)

A bunch of hi-res images of Val at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show, in which he was nominated for his work on "The Mark of Zorro" audiobook. :)
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[Hi-Res] Alexander Press Conference (2006)

Val Kilmer and the cast of Alexander at a Press Conference in 2006.
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Premiere Magazine, August 1997.

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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Premiere Magazine, May 1995.

In Batman Forever, not only does Robin finally appear, but so do villains extraordinaire Riddler and Harvey Two-Face. And this time around Batman has a kinky criminal-psychologist girlfriend instead of Catwoman. So to get the lowdown, we corralled Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, Chris O'Donnell, production designer Barbara Ling, and Joe Schumacher. And they answered our queries like bats out of hell.

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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ICON Magazine, February 1999

A look at Val Kilmer's career, and a little bit of an insight into the way that he works and who he is as a person. :) Very interesting read! I apologize for some of the pages being cut off. I will transcribe them under the cut.

Transcriptions of the columns cut off in the scans )

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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Premiere Magazine, August 1995

An article about Val during the promotion of the film Batman. Originally supposed to be a one-on-one interview, this article focuses mostly on the writer whinging about Val not being present at the press conferences(his wife was giving birth to his son at the time), and then later conducting an interview with him over the phone in lieu of a face-to-face one.

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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Hi-Res Production Stills from Comanche Moon.

A bunch of hi-res images from Comanche Moon. I'm having trouble getting the thumbnail images to show, but if you click on them the pictures will still load to their full size. :) :) Sorry 'bout that!
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Top Secret [1984]

American rock star Nick Rivers teams up with the lovely Hillary Flammond to escape capture by the East German High Command. They don't have long, as Rivers and Flammond must try to find her father, in order to stop him from creating the ultimate super weapon, known as 'the Polaris Mine'. A host of characters join them, including Déjà Vu and Chocolate Mousse. - IMDB

You can find more screencaps for this film at the Val Kilmer German Fanpage on Facebook. [Click Here]
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True West Magazine, October 2006

An interview with Kurt Russell in True West's October 2006 issue, with an insight into the film Tombstone. Pretty interesting read, and more than enough content in there to satiate any Doc Holliday fan. ;)

Note: All scans are by me, [personal profile] ladyminya. Please don't re-post these without permission.
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[The Making of Heat] - Into the Fire

Content from the Heat DVD: The Making Of. This video features interviews with cast members such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Ashley Judd, and there is also a little of Val Kilmer in there as well. :) A pretty interesting watch!
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The Postman Always Rings Twice (2005)

When hot-blooded drifter Frank walks into a roadside café on the outskirts of Los Angeles, married couple Nick and Cora have no idea of the devastating effect he’ll have on their lives. A steamy, passionate and reckless tale unfolds as Frank and Cora embark on an all –consuming affair that propels them into betrayal double-dealing and murder.

Kilmer stars as Frank in the brand new stage version of the groundbreaking 1930s novel By James M. Cain (also the basis of both the 1946 film and the 1981 film starring Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange). Lucy Bailey directed this critically acclaimed production. Charlotte Emmerson co-starred as Cora in the adaption written by Andrew Rattenbury.

Originally scheduled to run just 10 weeks starting May 24th, the play was extended twice so it was running most of 2005 in London.
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang @ Cannes Film Festival, May 2005

Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr, and Salma Hayek all pose for photos during the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang premiere at Cannes Film Festival, May 2005.

» I'm going away for a week, so I won't have Internet access. I will try and check in when I can via my phone, but there won't be any photos or videos or anything whilst I don't have access to my personal computer. Feel free to post your own stuff if you have anything you'd like to share. :) ~ Andrée ♥
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[Hi-Res] Photoshoot, May 1988

Here are some hi-res pictures of Val during the promotion of the film Willow (1988). These pictures are huge, so for those of you on slower connections: Beware. ;)
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Val Kilmer on Charlie Rose, October 9th 1996 (Part 2)

Here is the second half of Val's interview on the Charlie Rose show in 1996. :) He talks more about Marlon Brando, more about The Ghost and the Darkness, what he thinks about acting, Julliard, Batman, and playing Jim Morrison. Much more interesting half of the interview. ;) Keep your eyes peeled, I'm hoping to upload the 2004 interview he did with Charlie Rose as well. :)
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Val Kilmer in Australia

Here's a video from Val's recent trip here in Australia (November 2011). There's not a lot of interview here so much as there is a building of his profile and the reasons for his visit (which was to attend Sci-Fi convention, Supanova). PS. Val, just in case you're wondering, if you ever decided to tour and sing The Doors music, I would totally go. :P
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Val Kilmer on Charlie Rose, October 9th 1996 (Part 1)

This interview is available on the Charlie Rose website, however for those who could not view the video there I have split the interview in two and begun uploading it to YouTube. This is part one in which Val discusses working on the set of The Ghost and the Darkness, how much he loves Africa, meeting Nelson Mandela, and briefly about working with Marlon Brando on The Island of Dr Moreau.
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Val Kilmer

{60} Val Kilmer
   ˾ {14} Top Secret
   ˾ {14} Real Genius
   ˾ {02} The Salton Sea
   ˾ {12} Tombstone/Doc Holliday
   ˾ {05} Numb3rs
   ˾ {13} Misc

Find more here @ [community profile] subtlemurder
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Happy New Year!

First of all, thank you to those of you who have recently joined the community, and Welcome! :D It's great to have you here. I hope you've all had a great New Year's Eve and that 2012 brings you lots of good energy and happiness. :) For my part of it, I bring you Chris Knight. :D Who could resist his wit, his brains, and his determination to stick it to the man? (let alone that headband!) *grins*

How did you all spend your NYE and New Year's Day? :)
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Happy Birthday, Val!

In light of Val's birthday, I thought I would share a little something with you all. I own a book called The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschnedier and Joost Elffers. The book contains "profiles" for each date of the year with a little insight into the personality types of people born on particular days. I think what they did was interview a whole bunch of people and then collate the data into a personality profile for each day of the year (if that makes any sense). Either way, I've read mine and it is spookily accurate!

So, yeah. I thought I would share the profile for December 31st in honour of Val's birthday. However, I'm not going to type the whole thing out because that would take me forever. I thought I might share some of the highlights. :) Just be aware that this is all in fun. There's no way to know if this information is accurate or not, so please don't take it too seriously. :)

Without further ado~

Birthday profile for December 31st )

And there you have it! :)